Our Products

Our Products

Our Products

Carbon Fiber Plates/Sheets

Adorn Engineers Produces bigger carbon fiber plates. its 2500 x 1200 mm, Thickness Upto 50 mm. We can provide sheet/plates cutting as well as per customer design. Adorn Engineers provides sandwich, hybrid carbon fiber plates.

Carbon fiber Pipes

Adorn Engineers manufactures carbon fiber pipes for various applications. it is available 25 mm to 800 mm dia and lengths up to 5000 mm. It is for high rotating applications, high strength applications, low weight applications. 

Carbon Fiber Solid Bars

Adorn Engineers makes solid carbon fiber solid bars from 5 mm to 40 mm dia meter. length available as per customer demand. different shapes are also available on demand. 

Customized Components

Adorn Engineers provide customized components as per customer requirements and products sample. we provide stimulasion work to deliver better products. 

Machining Facility

Carbon Fiber Composite material is high stiffness and low vibration material so it require special cutting facility. Adorn Engineers provides cutting components as per your drawing or samples.